District 9 Review

I know, I just wrote a review for Inglorious Bastards, but then I felt guilty. I watched D-9 last Monday, and felt that I should say a little piece on it. This movie was fucking awesome. Yeah, I said it. The previews can go fuck themselves too. They were awful, and only tried to hype the movie, and I feel did it very little justice. The two main characters, human and alien, were very good (proving how bad Jar-Jar Binks really truly was), and the human character arc was one of my favorite in any movie, sci-fi or otherwise. He starts out such a little prick, but I’ll let you see where he goes without ruining it. This movie is well, well worth going to watch. If you have not got a chance, then drop what you are doing this evening, and go. Especially if you are a fan of sci-fi, because we do not get very many of these…. For me this movie was a 5/5 stars, but that may be the geek in me. At least a 4-4.5/5.


One Response to “District 9 Review”

  1. “The previews can go fuck themselves too.”

    Best quote ever.

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