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The Beginning of the Robot Revolution?

Posted in News Articles, Science Posts on September 7, 2009 by eclipticepoch

I am astounded that this hasn’t made more news. I thought it was a prank at first. Now I am just amazed.

Robots that can make their own decisions


Wear Your Seat Belt!

Posted in News Articles, Personal Posts on August 4, 2009 by eclipticepoch

This is exactly why I wear my seat belt at all times when I am on planes.


Plane crashes, oh well, but turbulence, BAM, to the face. J/K about the plane crashes.

Purpose for the Spleen

Posted in News Articles, Science Posts on August 4, 2009 by eclipticepoch

I always thought it was odd that we had an organ inside of us that didn’t have a purpose.

New York Times

Mountaintop removal ban.

Posted in News Articles, Personal Posts on July 21, 2009 by eclipticepoch

One of the Tenn. Rep. senators co-sponsored a bill to stop mountaintop removal mining. Sen. Lamar Alexander is the only Republican listed as a cosponsor. What does the headline say? West Virginians thankful for keeping their environment? No, instead,

West Virginia Coal Miners’ Group Urges Tenn. Boycott

WTF? I can just hear South Park now “They took our jobs!!” Fuckers, how about they took my streams, or the mountains of my youth?

Activists Launch Hack Attacks on Tehran Regime

Posted in News Articles on June 15, 2009 by eclipticepoch

I haven’t had internet in a week. It was pure hell.

Got it back in time to see the fraud election in Iran though. Crazy shit. I hope it isnt another Tiananman Square, where everyone in 10 years forgets.

Here is an article about activists trying to get everyone to attack Iranian government websites. I wish them nothing but the best of luck!

Article – American Influence on Iraqi Culture

Posted in News Articles on May 31, 2009 by eclipticepoch

Here is  nice Washington Post article about the influence our occupation has had on Iraqi culture. It is very interesting,  about 6 webpage long article covering music, language, tattoos, and a myriad of topics. Check it.

Conan Moves to the Tonight Show

Posted in News Articles on May 20, 2009 by eclipticepoch

I grew up loving David Letterman and Johnny Carson (what I can remember of him), and now Im going to  get my tonight show back. After NBC gave it to Jay, they are giving it back to the obvious line of succession. Conan is preparing his move to 11:30, and here is an excellent article on his move and his career.